Webinar: How to harness the latest trends in CCM to digitally transform your customer communications in 2019

February 12, Webinar

The agenda of this webinar:

  • The latest trends in Customer Communications Management (CCM), including the convergence of CCM with Digital Customer Experience.

    How buyers and use-cases are changing as a result of changing consumer behaviour.

    The Customer Communication strategy you must adopt in order to interact better with your clients. 

  • Insight into the best technology to use when transforming your customer communications, and how to use them.  

In this webinar, presented by Aspire's CEO and founder, Kaspar Roos, alongside CCM-specialist integrator GDOC, we will give you the tools you need to future-proof your approach to customer communications.

Customer communications transformation

Over 70% of CEOs at large enterprises say they are prioritizing digital transformation. By digitizing operations, redefining new business models, and developing a better customer experience, many enterprises hope to become more competitive and stay relevant. However, according to industry analyst and CEO of Aspire, Kaspar Roos, digital transformation projects often overlook customer communication transformation. And yet, this in turn potentially eliminates the positive benefits of transformation. What does it take to successfully transform customer communications transformation and take advantage of the business value it drives? Find all the answers in this 1 hour webinar.

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